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Usel is the Leading Provider in Helping People with
Disabilities or Health Conditions Gain Employment 

USEL Our Vision
USEL Our Purpose
USEL Our Values

“We are a social enterprise born to assist people with disabilities or health conditions into employment”

“Is to be the lead provider in helping people with disabilities or health conditions gain employment”

“We strive to be a sustainable, people centred organisation that adds value through respect for others and commitment to excellence”

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Usel Employment Services

We provide a wide range of services to people with disabilities or health conditions.
We also offer a range of learning programmes to help people get into employment
and offer support to employers for our clients

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Move into work
Job Start
Skills for life and work | qualifications for work | disability education |

Usel Social Enterprises

Ability Cafe | Belfast cafe | Belfast zoo cafe | Lady Dixon Park cafe | Shankill road cafe  |
USHRED NI | confidential shredding | Belfast shredding
USEL Recycling Solutions | Mattress recycling | Belfast recycling

Ability Cafe

U Shred NI

Usel Recycling Solutions

Ability Cafe provides employment opportunities for people with a disability or health condition in
the hospitality industry

U Shred NI is Northern Ireland's only social enterprise, providing document and hardware

We operate a Circular Economy business model through the recycling of mattresses, carpet, furniture, plastic, cardboard and waste electrical items

SMART PAC | bespoke design | emergency services | high quality | Belfast sewing


We operate a customised sewing service specialising in bespoke bags and storage solutions. 

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