Usel Recycling Solutions

Usel operate a Circular Economy business model that contributes to the wider Circular Economy through the recycling of mattresses, carpet, furniture, plastic, cardboard and waste electrical items. This is a key driver in our commitment to creating a positive social impact in the communities and environments in which we operate. Our aim is to keep the resources within the economy until the product has reached the end of its life cycle.

By operating a Circular Economy model, it allows us to create more sustainable jobs for people with disabilities and health conditions across Northern Ireland.

Mattress recycling

Usel is Northern Ireland’s only mattress recycling provider diverting over 1000 tonnes of waste from landfill every year.

Usel collect mattresses from council recycling centres, bed retailers and hoteliers across the province and brings them back to our licenced facility.  100% of mattresses collected are diverted from landfill. 

The mattresses are disassembled into various components, such as foam, polyester and steel and sometimes include a range of natural fibres like wool and cotton depending on the type of mattress.  These components are segregated and sent on to other facilities for further processing and reused in several different ways such as carpet underlay, acoustic dampening in cars and the steel spring is sent to a local metal recycler to be melted down for reuse. 96% of each mattress is recycled, the remaining 4% is sent to energy from waste.

Usel work in partnership with Belfast City Council, Mid and East Antrim, Derry City & Strabane, North Down and Ards, University of Ulster and Queens University.  Bed retailers and hoteliers include Harvey Normans, Dreams and Holiday Inn. 

Usel is the only organisation in Northern Ireland to provide this service.  The benefits of mattress recycling include reducing waste, driving greater resource productivity and significantly reducing the environmental impact of mattress disposal.  In addition, Usel is creating employment opportunities for people with disabilities and health related conditions within its recycling operation.



1. Mattresses collected from amenity site


2. Mattresses brought back to base and uploaded to our system for traceability


3. Mattresses stripped down to various component materials


Carpet recycling

Usel are currently the only carpet recycling provider in Ireland.  We work in partnership with Mid and East Antrim and Irish Waste to collect and recycle carpet across Ireland.  Working in partnership results in 100% diversion from landfill.


The carpets are collected from amenity sites and brought back to our main site in Belfast for quality checking and baling. Following this process, they are then shipped for further reprocessing with a 100% recycling rate, before being sold into the equine sector across the UK and Ireland.



1. Carpets collected from council amenity sites


2. Brought back to HQ for weighing


3. Quality checks completed


4. Carpets are baled


5. Sent for further reprocessing for reuse within the equestrian sector for surfacing in show jumping arenas

Confidential shredding


Whether it is keeping customers’ information private or commercially sensitive data secure, Usel Confidential Waste Management have the solution. We provide confidential paper shredding solutions to businesses across Northern Ireland.

A routine confidential destruction or secure document disposal procedure is established best practice including a regular review of what is required to be held both from the needs of your business and also in compliance with relevant legislation. Document shredding is a proven method of confidential document destruction.

Advantages of confidential document shredding:

  • Confidential document shredding prevents identity theft

  • Ensures corporate responsibility as per Data Protection and GDPR regulations

  • Corporate security (protection of sensitive data)

  • Protection of employee data

  • Protection of customer information

  • Another benefit of confidential shredding is that it removes redundant documentation (frees up space allowing for cheaper and more effective administration)

  • Our confidential document shredding service complies with the British Standards Institute operating guideline BS EN 15713:2009 (secure destruction of confidential material) which sets out best practice for the document destruction industry.


Our service includes:

  • Choice of bag or bins (depending on volume required)

  • Bag/Bin traceability - we can identify at any point in time the status of the bag/bin (received, delivered to depot, awaiting destruction, destroyed)

  • Paper is guaranteed to be destroyed within one working day of collection

  • 24/7 recorded camera surveillance

  • Access NI security-vetted staff

  • A Certificate of destruction for audit purposes


As our confidential shredder is fixed, it means that our costs are too. This makes us a cheaper and more cost-effective alternative to onsite shredders. Our secure document shredding service covers Councils, Schools, Banks and Government Departments as well as a range of smaller businesses.