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Workable NI

Support and guidance for new and existing employees with disabilities and health conditions


Are you in employment with a disability or health condition?
Workable NI Programme supports employees with a disability and provides support to employers. The support is tailored to the individual’s needs and supports the employee to reach their full potential within their job role and also helps the employer make reasonable adjustments to support their employee.

Workable NI helps the individual who may be starting a new job or has a disability and needs changes made to their current job role.

We provide support throughout Northern Ireland, and we have a dedicated team of Employment Support Officers in all areas. 

The support we offer employees:

ICONS 2.png

Guidance and support
within the job role

ICONS 2.png
ICONS 2.png

Job coaching & 

Soft skills training to help
with the challenges faced

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Goal setting and setting 
SMART objectives to reach
your full potential

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Access to work support if you 
require specialised equipment or support to travel to work

The support we offer employers:

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Reasonable adjustment guidance and support

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Disability Awareness training


To be eligible for the Workable NI Programme:

You are 16+ working 10+ hours per week

You have a disability recognised by the Disability Discrimination Act

You are starting a new job or are currently employed and have a 

USEL Belfast

Workable (NI) is a one-year programme
which may be extended depending on the employees’ individual needs. The programme
is available across Northern Ireland. Workable (NI) has enabled participants to significantly develop and improve their work skills, accelerate their
personal development and progress to unsupported employment where possible.

For further information on how to access this programme
Call 028 9035 6600 or email
USEL, 182-188 Cambrai Street, Belfast BT13 3JH 

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