Usel provides a wide range of employment programmes across Northern Ireland to assist and support people with disabilities or health related conditions into and within employment.

Our highly experienced and qualified team of Employment Support Officers and Training Officers work closely with programme participants to explore their career options and provide a range of supports and assistance to help them move into their chosen employment.



Helping people with disabilities find and retain paid employment.

Workable (NI) is a flexible programme of support which assists people with disabilities or health related conditions who face significant barriers to work to find paid employment and/or retain their current employment.

Support is specifically tailored towards the individuals needs and may include:

    •    Work Preparation

    •    Job Coaching

    •    Mentoring

    •    Confidence Building

    •    Access to a Range of Accredited Training Opportunities


Workable (NI) is a one year programme which may be extended depending on the employees individual needs. The programme is available across Northern Ireland. Workable (NI) has enabled participants to significantly develop and improve their work skills, accelerate their personal development and progress to unsupported employment where possible.

For further information on the Workable (NI) programme please call us on 028 9035 6600 or email:

Usel manage the Workable (NI) programme on behalf of the Department for Communities (DfC).




Reduce your recruitment costs and access a wider pool of applicants

We are the largest supporter of people with disabilities into open employment within Northern Ireland. We manage a range of employment programmes that are specifically designed to support and assist people with disabilities or health related conditions move into or return to employment. As an employer you can help USEL by providing employment opportunities to participants on our programmes. There is no cost for our dedicated Employer Engagement team to support your organisation. Not only will you be providing valuable placement or employment opportunities for people with disabilities and health related conditions but you will have access to a wider range of applicant.  


Our Employer Engagement Team will work with you to design a tailored plan that benefits the participant and also supports you in achieving your business goals.

Benefits to your organisation

  • Access to employees who stay in the job longer, demonstrate a strong commitment to work, good timekeeping and low absence rates

  • Access to an untapped workforce therefore greater choice in recruitment

  • A highly skilled Employer Engagement Team who can support you in matching the right person to your business


Ongoing support services

Each participant has an experienced Employment Services Officer. We will work with you to find the right person for the right job. We will provide an ongoing support service to build and maintain effective and positive working relationships.

  • Accurate skill matching of clients to vacancies

  • Provide support when required at interview and induction

  • Provide recommendations for any health and safety adjustments if necessary

  • Disability Awareness training

  • Job coaching in the workplace

  • Ongoing support to the employee to develop in their role and take on new responsibilities

  • Support for employers to help retain existing staff with a disability.

To avail of this opportunity call us now on 028 9035 6600 or by email at: