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Ability Cafe

USEL provides local adults with disabilities with accredited onsite training in health and safety, food preparation, kitchen hygiene and customer service, before giving them practical work experience. The Ability Café provides an important opportunity for employees to develop the skills and confidence they need, to progress into employment in the hospitality sector. This supports and strengthens the local economy, which is currently facing recruitment difficulties.

The Ability Café offers hot drinks, cakes, breakfast, and lunch, all while providing supported employment opportunities for people with disabilities. The Ability
café represents a first-hand example of how employing people with disabilities
can benefit an employer, the workforce, and customers.

Ability Cafe

"The café helps build confidence, and not only the skills in the hospitality but skills they can use in every aspect of life. It is very rewarding to watch the employees
flourish in a safe environment”.

Café Manager

Ability Cafe

Usel Social Enterprises

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