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Usel partner with Avenue Recycling to create Environmental and Social Impact

Usel has announced today its newly formed strategic partnership with Avenue Recycling.

The South Belfast based company has partnered with Ulster Supported Employment Ltd. (Usel), to support on the delivery of their recently awarded mattress and carpet recycling contract from Antrim and Newtownabbey council.

 The partnership will aim to deliver the council targets in reducing waste to landfill whilst also creating job opportunities for people living with a disability or health conditions.

 Usel are currently the only mattress recycling provider in Northern Ireland. The mattresses are disassembled into various components, such as foam, polyester and steel and sometimes include a range of natural fibres like wool and cotton depending on the type of mattress. 96% of each mattress is recycled, the remaining 4% is sent to energy from waste. In 2017 the organisation diverted over 959 tonnes of landfill from waste and this year to date have recycled over 30,000 mattresses.

 Speaking about the partnership Scott Jackson, Head of Recycling and Production for Usel said “We are delighted that Avenue Recycling has chosen Usel as a key partner in the delivery of their services to Antrim and Newtownabbey Council. Usel has seen rapid growth in our mattress and carpet recycling operations in the last two years and we are keen to continue to further develop this facility across Northern Ireland. This is a great opportunity for commercial and social enterprise organisations to work together to create social impact within the Circular Economy.”

 Avenue Recycling is a family run company and the owner and Managing Director Mal Lavery has always worked on the principal of providing a quality service with staff employed from across the community.

Mal and his management team are delighted to be working in partnership with USEL on this new contract for Antrim & Newtownabbey Borough Council. USELs unique service and principles in providing employment along with having the only recycling solution for mattresses in Northern Ireland makes our decision to partner with USEL a privilege not a decision.

Avenue Recycling has been working with USEL for the past two years in providing a haulage service and metal recycling that helps deliver a 96% recycling return with only 4% going to energy from waste on their mattress service.

The partnership that Avenue Recycling has with USEL is by far the best decision that we have made in supporting the excellent work that USEL has been doing for many years and with the direction of Scott Jackson and its CEO, Bill Atkinson this will no doubt continue for many more years.....


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