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Support for Young Enterprise Start Up - Stellas

Usel are delighted to have provided support and mentoring to Stellas on the publication of their book "No Two Stars Are The Same".

Stellas, meaning 'stars' in Latin, is a student social enterprise established by two passionate, young individuals. Their aim is to break the stigma surrounding Special Educational Needs and raise awareness. They want to make a difference by helping others become more understanding and educated about Special Educational Needs.

To achieve their goal, they aim to educate Key Stage 2 children and up about Special Educational Needs and why their peers may react differently to different situations in their day to day life. For every book purchased, Stellas donate another one to local primary schools across Northern Ireland. For more information visit their website

Pictured with Aimee and Saan from Stellas is Karen Gilgunn, Marketing and Business Manager and David Cowan, Head of Employment Services


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