Circular Economy.

Usel operate a circular economy by ensuring any waste or resources are minimised. Our aim is to keep the resources within the economy until the product has reached the end of its life cycle. Our first step in achieving this evident within our recycling operations.

Usel collects mattresses from Belfast Council amenity sites and brings them back to our licenced facility where they are disassembled into their various components. The main components are foam, polyester and steel but also include a range of natural fibres like wool and cotton depending on the type of mattress. These components are then segregated and sent on to other facilities for further processing and reused in a number of different ways such as carpet underlay, acoustic dampening in cars and the steel spring is sent to a local metal recycler to be melted down for reuse. We are the only organisation to provide this service and in addition to reducing waste, driving greater resource productivity and significantly reducing the environmental impact of mattress production and providing a 94% reduction in waste to landfill as a result of our activity.

A direct result of this programme allows Usel to create greater employment opportunities for people with disabilities and health related conditions within our recycling operations.